photographer Johanna Ruebel
models: Klara Dietze & Robin Schönefeld
make-up/hair: Marie Pilgram
assistence: Jana Richter
copper racks: Artist Nina Canell & Anna Sagström

Continuity, the processual nature, the neverending and eternal floating, twinkling and flashing, vanishing, capturing, letting go, holding - or not holding on to something…
“Ghosting” is as a technical term in the field of screen-printing, describing the fact that even after removing the original motif from a screen, there is still the imprint of it remaining on the screen, slightly visible - like the Ghost of it. The idea of this picture being still around and vivid, somehow was the initial approach, an entry to this collection.
Further in the process we came across Prototypes and Garments that never really became part of the collections and stayed “unborn” Garments, never happened to become “alive”. Those were still in our minds, sleeping somewhere subconscious, coming up from time to time, being also like some kind of “Ghosts” to us.
Driven by this, new screenprints, imprints of the “Ghosts”, were printed on white fabric,
to get transferred and become part of the new work.
On a next level they were sticked to walls and hung on curtains, spotted with projections of specifically made Grafics. Lights shining through the curtains - the daylight coming from behind, became an element of the work, giving again a ghostly
mood to it. The projections on the prints merged and fused the two levels - the basic motifs again got almost spirited away.

Silhouettes & Patterns show a dialogue of flat constructed clothes, following the
Ghostprints, and three dimensional, sculptural clothes made of thick, shaping, hard fabrics, appearing as if a Ghost just escaped out of them.

For “Ghosting” we continued to work mainly with light and projections. There is a very direct and pure feeling in using these techniques. Experimenting with “real”, existing elements, classical procedures give a certain new grounding to the work.