Fotos: Johanna Ruebel
models: Malwina & Robin

ANNTIAN AW16/17 ‚The Preserve‘

There is good and bad in conservatism, there is good and bad in changes - there is everything in between.
Touched by the sad, profound and drastic changes we see those days in the world it is unavoidable to question things - more than usual. Attitudes and convictions might change towards a certain direction.
The collection points to exactly this momentum.
‚The Preserve‘ combines intentionally a multitude of patterns and aesthetics from very different backgrounds and cultures - brings them together and ‚authorizes‘ the clash. Conservative elements are included to free them from Orthodoxy. Authentic, ethnical craft aspects, besides accompanied indepent Grafics occur to show the chance in progressing things, so as the respect for the authentic old - and to mention that their coexistence should be a matter of course.

ANNTIAN - made by small regional manufacturers, focussing on solid, sustainable quality in the making, selection and developing of fabrics, with an effort of using ecological materials and fibres whenever possible. A position to counter fast fashion and fast life - the loss of Individuality, Personality, Morality, Plurality and personal time. ANNTIAN clothing is meant to pleasure one‘s life for many years - handing out the impuls and the motivation to explore the spectrum of Life.