Over the last year ANNTIAN has been picking flowers, petals, leaves and blades of grass from their garden. Assembled old- aged, unused papers and (love)letters. For AW18 season ANNTIAN has transformed these finds into new handmade paper sheets - Papyruses with no text inscribed on them, but all still carrying the story of the found flowers and writings.
Furthermore, a little comic strip was made showing the story of pollination - how bees, flowers and plants interact, as well as how all the ingredients for the papermaking were picked and collected in baskets while being outside in the garden or nature.
During the creation of AW18 collection ANNTIAN also cooperated with an artist J. Hoffmann who became a friend at that time. His still life paintings of flowers show the stories of plants from another angle.
These aesthetics built the basis for all the AW18 fabric designs, textures and garment silhouettes.
P.S. …Where have all the flowers gone?…

Models: Felina Warns (Letitgomodels) & Dan Mudersbach