The time when our new winter collection was developed we were often, unwillingly forced to deal with the closest, immediate environment and to take an intensive, reflective look at it.

The not self chosen parameter of sticking at our immediate environment due to lock-downs prompted, inspired us to rethink the innermost circle - forced way:

Neighbors, private gardens, certain pathways, inspection of the particular vegetation, remained Beauty-elements of the vegetation in the autumn and winter, even weeds, farm animals and how they are kept, Neighborhood, social relationships, community, restriction, freedom...

In summary - still all these areas can unfold and become beautiful for us as soon as we see them as constantly changing elements of our existence and always put them to the test.

Three things have remained from Paradise: the stars of the night, the flowers of the day and the eyes of children (Dante Alighieri).

Photographer: Johanna Ruebel,