photography: Johanna Ruebel
models: Sophie & Kevin
Make-up/hair: Felix
assistent: Isabel, Anna & Jana

Coherent circumstances of life in a wider sense build the ground of our S/S13 collection “gravity”.
There was this building we came across, to show a constructive element of a hole in the ceiling wide open to the sky, to the limit. Through this open circle-hole a palm was growing and reaching into the sky. To us that formed a very poetic picture of many lifethemes, of what can be planned and what is dependent, out of control. This realizes our main thoughts behind the collection.
Further inspired by black holes and the conditions within, archetypes, gravitation, polarity, attraction and rejection - we were forced to debate and picture essential knowledge and aspects of life - all is connected.

The line shows a variety of colours that run from very soft & light, natural greentones to pastel rose and fresh yellow, intense bright blue, black and white so as dark blue.
Patterns show and transfer mainly the element of circle, curve and bow, in contrast to the straight line. An archetype / basic shape, inspired by the grafic structural elements of “the palm-hole photo” gets repeated in several interpretations and runs through a transformation process between purpose and accident.
On the grafic side there are coal “doodle” sketches that show endless loops and circles , eternal lines - these were transfered as handcrafted silkprint elements on the garments.
The entire line is worked out including many handcrafted details - intentionally playing with the risk of defects to happen. Just like an fullcolour printed silkpant. Here we like the idea of contrasting, conflicting things, putting unusual things together.
In this sense we chose a wide range of fabrics: handdip-died viscose, knit jaquard, weave jaquard, handprinted silk , digital printed silk , handprinted jersey’s, handknitts made of handdied yarns , garment printed knitts etc.
This season additionally we’ve been collaborating with a swedish classical shoe / clog manufacturer. We’ve been developing crafted clog’s , birch wood shoes with handprinted toppings - very raw, basic, original by means, as a dialogue of tradition and presence.