collaboration: For this season we developed in cooperation with a classical company of a very long tradition „Akah“ , a reinterpretation of their mountain rucksack that exists as a kind since the late 18th century.
Photography: Johanna Ruebel
models: Lisa & Fritz

Light & shadow, sun & moon – an old couple – a pair, symbiosis, framed this collection's start, as contents we decided to inspect. Behind it, the theme of "pairs & couples"– positive & negative aspects, influences within the condition of a symbiosis, of "beeing paired", assembled and connected.
Exemplary is the annular eclipse of the sun we've been "watching" as a pair constellation.
It shows visually a black& white outline beeing created as a "product" of the pair sun & moon. This outline was of great interest for us and found the way into the collection as a synonym for something external that one carries and "wears" – something that was taken on.
Watching relations between human couples & pairs there are always different points of view to overlap, fuse and build a joint language through e.g. "taking on the shadow of each other".
These "shadows" found their place in the collection through working with the elements of light & shadow, improvisations of real life situations like "thrown over & taken on" clothes, as for e.g. sweaters hanging over the shoulders, bend around the hips, an apron worn over a dress, a trouser wrapped around the neck substituting the missing stole, second layers ...
By using these false, slightly irritating looking elements we developed new garments still appearing deficient, deranged and kind of false on purpose.
As always basic forms and geometric shapes like circle and square build a major aspect within the collection.
Ecliptic ancles continued in the photoshooting: light coming from the back, creating an outline around the body just like it's shown within an eclipse - the sun and moon constellation.