Where light (sky and sun) and dark (earth and seeds) meet (sprouts and growth), colour is created and soul reveals itself.
For beauty to grow, develop and transform, a certain amount of balance between many components is required. If this equilibrium is disturbed, an interfering image becomes apparent.

Such disruptive images concern us humans in the current times on many levels of our existence. Flora Obscura would aim for obscurantism, pessimism, disruptive images of our time to turn positive.

Not only because sowing, cultivating and harvesting makes a person happy and healthy - also essentially because the darkening, the obscurantism, the conspiracy, the pessimism of our time must be offered an opposite pole in order to bring the components back into balance. Because only then is the real, true, balanced soul visible to all of us.

Flora Obscura is our contribution to this higher aim. May all the misunderstood miracles instead of obscure and frightening seem mysterious, wonderful and energising.

Model: Mandy
Photographer: Johanna Ruebel,
Instagram: anntianstudio
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