Embarks on a short journey through time. In search of new paths, thoughts about sustainability and aesthetics, we deal with the topic of dissolution and formation. Thoughts about origin and roots, transition processes, and the emergence of something New to come form the basis of the collection.

So it shows, when we were sourcing and buying old T-shirts and hand-embroidered tablecloths, whose real life was actually over and transformed them, brought them to a Second life by breaking them up and putting them together into something New.

Here we pretty much stress on the process itself - the cycle, the ongoing, the preserving in a wider sense. As a further element there is intuitive painting, drawings and hatching, which build up, form, grow towards a shape or open form.

The Collection further introduces a charity T-Shirt for the WWF, organic silk and a wide range of natural organic materials.

For a changing Time we need a deep understanding in order to really accept the „New things“ to come.
instagram: anntianstudio
fotos by Johanna Ruebel