It’s old vintage picture postcards that sent us on the journey for the summer collection 23. They are beautiful in terms of color and form, aesthetically, have their very own smell and patina, preserve a long-gone moment of interpersonal exchange - romantic. This bygone reality touches us, leaves us dreaming and makes us think, especially since the impossibility of traveling, as the postcards show it, gets aware. Travel is suspect. Should we have stayed at home, or is it enough if we travel "better"? We must examine old certainties: how do we experience the world?
Is there a time for writing a picture postcard?
On our further journey we explored traveling in general and the longing for other, new horizons. We reflected on wanderlust, got inspired by childhood memories and inspected many many lovely postcards. 
Another leg of our journey are new pictures we made with native flowers from our garden, which were pressed and placed as a picture.
Lily, coneflower, rose, peony, snapdragon, dahlia, sweet pea, herb, poppy, lilac, aster.
In any case of reality exploration, either traveling , wandering , or staying at home, let there be LOVE on your side - the best travel companion. And yes, maybe write a lovely picture postcard full of love to the world - she‘s in need!

Fotos by : Johanna Ruebel & Lilli Weinstein
Model: Cornelia
So many thanks also to Sophia