****ANNTIAN SS24 ‚Talkin’ Pets‘

… draws its inspiration from processes in nature, cycles, country life, village romance, folk rites, domestic animals such as chickens, sheep, cows, horses, which are called farm animals, but which, as natural beings, reveal the processes of nature in a special way. Birds spread seeds and promote regional vegetation and the spread of plants, chickens eat grains and produce eggs that we take from them and eat. Cats catch mice - the cat and mouse game representatively shows the intensity of such processes and relationships. The decay in nature is the beginning of something new.
It is all one circle.
All of this causes us humans to think deeply about how we face any Being, how we behave.
What would the animals tell us? Do we listen to them, do we understand them? How do we want to live in the future - what should life in the village or in the city look like?
It is a good feeling to treat every creature, even objects, with great attention, empathy, interest and respect - It is certain that they speak - let us listen to what they say…

P.s. we thank and recommend texts by: Dr.Andreas Weber and Jiddu Krishnamurti

The Line/Materials/Silhouettes
Within the Line we’ve been working on historic folk silhouettes that we interpreted in combination with modern, pure, comfortable and easy patterns. The materials show entirely natural fibres, with haptics that we see as modern and nice wear. Details: hand-embroidery, a new Natural Plisse Fabric combining cotton and silk. Including the ongoing Upcycling Project Materials, we’re proud to present a sequence of natural flower bundle-dyed items. Furthermore we’ve been using bio degradable Tencel yarn for most dyed items.
Graphics again wander from vintage postcard aesthetics of land-life stills to naive pet and animal drawings - Interpretations and the aesthetics found in between and on the way.

Fotografer: Johanna Ruebel
With deepest thanks to all our partners and helping hands!!